Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ghost Bride

A David Blyth Film "Living or dead, marriage is what matters." - Madam Yin Madam Yin Jason & Rebekah May Ling May Ling Young chinese immigrant Jason Chen is trapped between two women; kiwi girl Skye and chinese bride May Ling, two cultures; modern New Zealand and traditional China, and two worlds, that of the living and that of the dead. Synopsis: Ghost Bride tells the story of Jason Chen - a young chinese immigrant in New Zealand who keeps his love for Kiwi girl Skye secret from his disapproving mother Alice. Things quickly unravel as his mother introduces him to Madam Yin, a matchmaker who has a very special bride in mind for Jason - the mysterious and silent May Ling. May Ling is a paragon of the traditional chinese bride, beautiful, subservient, and eager to please. Unbeknown to Jason, May Ling is also dead. In this dark supernatural romance Jason finds himself caught up in the ancient Chinese practice of mingh┼źn: a spirit marriage. May Ling becomes Jason’s betrothed through Madam Yin’s trickery, and Skye’s presence as a rival for Jason’s affections turns May Ling from seductress into a spirit of vengeance. May Ling seeks to destroy Skye, wreak vengeance on Jason’s family and force him into joining her for eternity. Torn between his ill mother’s wishes and his love for Skye, Jason must face the repercussions of his indecision as the threat of May Ling grows stronger.Jason and Skye must battle May Ling’s spirit to survive, while the treacherous Madam Yin and her husband will stop at nothing to ensure Jason joins May Ling for eternity as her

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Por Por's Cook book

Por Por's Cook book - Book launch soon - Home cooking through the generations since Chinese Women Settled in New Zealand over the last 100 years This book contains over 140 recipes and 15 Chinese women’s life stories. Reviewed by: Margaret Agnew, Journalist, Past editor of The Christchurch Press, Weekend Supplement. “ Food is one of the strongest ties to our culture and this unique cookbook is an important link to the culinary past and present of our multi-generational New Zealand-Chinese community. The women (and men) have been cooking up a taste of home since they arrived from mainland China in the early 1900s. Modern Kiwis of Chinese descent will find this book especially fascinating for a taste of our Porpor’s past. A poignant and piquant slice of culinary history.” Kuan Meng Goh (ONZM, JP, Ph D, FRSNZ), Emeritus Professor, Lincoln University; Dave Canterbury (Pathfinder)Branch President and Past National President, New Zealand Chinese Association “It is widely known that few other cultures are as food oriented as the Chinese. According to the famous Chinese scholar and archaeologist, K.C. Chang, “Chinese people are especially occupied with food and food is at the centre of, or at least it accompanies or symbolizes, many social interactions.” Traditionally, in Chinese culture, there is always an important relationship between food and health. This book adds a new dimension to the relationship by linking the experiences of Chinese grandmothers to their recipes. The recipes as presented are not only home-proven to succeed but are also authentic and achievable. Most people enjoy Chinese food and the recipes provide the opportunity to cook these delicious dishes. “ Meilin Chong, NZCA, Auckland Branch Committee Member. “This is a beautiful, well presented and illustrated Chinese cook book which is informative combined with family stories. It brings back fond memories of childhood days and the foods that our mothers and grandmothers cooked for us.” Home cooking through the generations since Chinese Women settled in New Zealand over the last 100 years POR PORs COOKBOOK Carolyn King Order enquiries Email: